The Rome 320 AD application blends graphics, narratives, videos and breathtaking 3D animations to bring the eternal city to life like never before.

It is the year 320 and the Roman Empire is at its peak. At its heart stands the city of Rome, home to a huge number of incredible monuments including the Circus Maximus, the Pantheon, the Colosseum and the Theatre of Pompey.

Through this app you can explore these and many other iconic locations via hotspots that include historic information, 3D animations, images, videos, and an ongoing story that follows four characters from dawn to dusk.

rome characters


Follow the four characters of Marcus, Livia, Gaius and Julia through a summer’s day, in Rome 320 AD.



Marcus is a wealthy senator of Rome. He believes in Roman traditions and the use of politics to uphold the glory of the Empire.



Livia is married to Marcus, and as such is a woman of status and privilege. She runs the domus and prays to her household gods.



Gaius is an enterprising merchant, seeking new and creative ways to make his fortune among the crowded marketplaces in Rome.



Julia is Gaius's cousin, visiting from her provincial hometown. She experiences Rome with a newcomer's eyes, and is excited by the many sites and opportunities.

rome locations


Explore and interact with iconic locations in ancient Rome. Ten hotspots include monument information, 3D animations, images, videos, and a continuing story of the characters' lives in Rome.


Arch of Constantine

This monument was created by the Roman Senate to celebrate Emperor Constantine's victory and the start of a new phase in Rome's history.


The Circus Maximus

This stadium could hold 150,000 Roman spectators for the dangerous chariot races, a popular entertainment for Roman citizens.


The Pantheon

The Pantheon is an elaborate temple to the Roman gods, featuring a massive dome--an architectural wonder of its day.



View a demo of Rome 320 AD's interactive and narrative experience of this massive amphitheater at the heart of Rome.

rome application


The Rome 320 AD application is no longer available.

Features of Rome 320 AD

  • A story of the lives of four Roman citizens moves the viewer through life in a day in Rome.
  • Location hotspots relate to the character's story, but expand to offer descriptions of monuments and an interactive feature to view 3D images of each location.
  • Video segments illustrate concepts, such as the construction of a Roman arch.
  • The app also includes a magnifying zoom feature to view the model of Rome at this time, as well as a viewfinder offering the contrast of the modern city as it is today.
  • A series of articles and news items offer news of interest to citizens of Rome in 320 AD.

Rome 320 AD was developed as part of Rome Reborn, a joint production between Noho, Ltd. and Frischer Consulting, Ltd.